Not only can typing paragraphs take a lot of time, but it may also be exhausting. On the other hand, there are times when we have to write down thoughts that were spoken verbally. There is no justification for you to feel annoyed or disappointed because you are being forced to do something you do not love, which is typing.

Text translator app programs can be downloaded for free on personal computers and used to convert audio to text while maintaining the original material. You will be responsible for speaking, while the software will take care of the typing for you.


This incredibly simple-to-use dictation program is compatible with your preferred web browsers. Since you will be speaking, it goes without saying that you will need a microphone, and the application will automatically convert each of your spoken statements into their written equivalents.

The text format will be available in your browser, where it may be edited as needed, which is one of the most convenient aspects of this program. You will also notice adjustments to the grammar and spelling that are advised for an error-free piece of writing. It is possible to send the completed document by e-mail, print it off, or keep it in your documents for use at a later time.

Before using Talktyper, you should be aware that your audio will be sent to a server to be converted. This is something that you need to take into consideration. Because of this, it will not be possible for you to enter sensitive information for safety reasons because it will be accessible to other people. On the other hand, it is simple to use, will not cost you any money, and will complete quickly.

Dictation done online

When translating speech to text by translation api, which is to say that your home computer can’t be utilized just as effectively as the most cutting-edge smartphone or laptop? The development of Online Dictation was made possible by a group of computer nerds that get a kick out of solving complex problems and coming up with creative solutions. To drive home the point that it is available at no cost, let me first discuss its functions.

This piece of software does not call for any upgrades or installations to be made on your computer. All you have to do is visit the website. You only have to go to the website, activate the microphone by clicking on the button, and then voice any significant thoughts and ideas you want to be turned into words.

If you wish to modify the file, it will allow you to click on the text that is now visible. The converted audio file may be shared, printed, or emailed using the program, just like it is possible with other apps.


It’s not true that anybody can be a good writer and a good speaker at the same time. Apps that translate on the go and convert speech to text are helpful for public speakers who detest the concept of putting their ideas and thoughts into written or typed form.

Experiment with various software for the aforementioned objective, and then select the program that best satisfies your requirements and preferences in terms of ease of use and originality.