Something that has been up for discussion a lot is how much word count really matters for SEO content. Some say as long as you are able to create a copy that is full of useful information, the word count does not matter. Others on the opposite side say you need a certain amount of words. Here we will hear an SEO company weigh in their two cents.

Recently, John Mueller from Google said that word count does not matter to have your SEO content ranked. Simply adding words to your content for no other reason than to make the word count higher does no good in making the copy better. Mueller said that instead, search engines are looking for content that is original and relevant.

But what about all those posts you have read stating a piece of SEO content needs to have a specific amount of words to add value? Or how do certain tools like Yoast believe you need to fulfill a specific word count number?

This is because while word count will not directly affect how you rank, it does have an indirect effect. Think about it this way. The more words one writes in SEO content, the better it will be for the search engines to decipher what exactly you are writing about. This will also make it easier for Google to see you as an expert on the topic.

So how exactly do you know how long your piece should be then? First off, understand that for SEO content, there is no restraint on how lengthy it can be. As long as you have outstanding data to put in your copy, you are good to go.

An SEO company will tell you to plan your keywords. Yes, we said keywords. Ahrefs found in a study that if you have many keywords, longer content will rank better in the top 10.   This means you have an enhanced opportunity of ranking long-tail keyword variations. Examples of this for a keyword of tennis shoes may be tennis shoes for kids and tennis shoes for summer.

You should constantly keep your competition in mind. Take a peak at what sort of content they are creating. Then see how long their articles are that they have ranked for and use that as a guide.

It is also a great idea to know exactly what your audience wants when you craft SEO content. What are they keying in the search bar? By doing this, it will make your content applicable to what they’re searching for.

It’s likewise a good thought to view what your other content that has ranked higher. How many words were in that piece? Perhaps this is your sweet spot where you will find you will rank the best.

When crafting your SEO content, an SEO company will tell you that headers are a great way to break up your writing. This not only helps the search engine understand your content more, but it is also easier for your readers to read. Using your keywords is great, but if they do not fit in naturally, do not stuff them in there. Think about providing your readers with the best possible experience.

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