Data loss are two words that no business owner wants to hear (well, except for cybercriminals, of course). Naturally, there are many ways you can prevent this horrible, company-threatening burden, but it’s also important to know what kind of risks your company is facing before you can enlist the right software for your needs.

The best data restoration Canberra has available can stop this from being too great a burden, but it’s important to know the following threats before you go in for the perfect system:

Hard drive failure

Unfortunately, company systems are susceptible to hardware and system malfunctions and they typically affect the hard drive. A damaged hard drive can come in the most antiquated of ways: dust, debris, a careless team member giving it a big old hip-and-shoulder, and for this reason complete backups are essential when the hard drive experiences a little damage.

Human error

Physical damage and accidental deletion are the two silliest ways in which your company’s critical information could be compromised. But it doesn’t have to be this way, as you can put your company’s vital info in a secure offsite storage facility that is protected from those disastrous “whoopsies” moments.

This being said, if you do keep physical devices on the premises, it’s important to ensure they are safe from someone accidentally knocking it with their backside when they’re trying to reach something in the stationary cupboard!

Destruction & theft

Luckily, this is a far less common cause of information loss, but when it happens, the results can be catastrophic. A destroyed or stolen computer can produce an instant data loss if you don’t have anything backed up in a secure offsite location.

In the modern age, where natural disasters are regular, many businesses find their vital equipment being destroyed, and to only have onsite cloud backup available can be one of the worst things for your company.

For this reason, it’s imperative that you keep your company’s data safely secured in an offsite cloud storage solution. This way, if for some reason – including natural disasters) your vital equipment was to be destroyed, you can trust that the secure storage facility will be able to easily provide you with your information and help you get back on track.

Power outage

Power outages are one of the ultimate ways your company’s operations can malfunction, as they can crash everything at the strike of a lightning bolt. This can easily result in the loss of unsaved information as well as corrupt existing files as personnel didn’t have the opportunity to shut it down properly.

In particular cases, entire systems can stop functioning, causing tremendous damage to the company, with improper shutdowns shortening the computer’s lifespan and causing ongoing, highly regular crashes.

Once again, safe and secure offsite storage and the best data restoration Canberra has available are two imperative ways to fight this absolute nightmare of a situation.


Yep, they’re out there more than ever, those sneaky creeps who slither around the internet, looking for some easy prey to exploit. Hackers, virus attackers and even cheeky insiders are notorious for their cruelty, but they are also super easy to stop, as you can install quality anti-virus software and firewalls to ensure these scumbags don’t get their dirty mitts on your info.

So, these are the ultimate threats to information, but they all have one common kryptonite: secure offsite storage, keeping your info safe and secure in the unwanted event of cybercrime, theft, staff damage or any other bizarre event that could destroy your businesses critical information.