According to Matt Davies Stockton, most people are tired of giant social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have billions of users and Twitter is in a different mess. Let’s check out a few top social media networking sites you may be missing.

The Sites

1. Ello

Ello started out like Facebook. However, unlike Facebook, they didn’t adopt ads, the infamous “like” and now the “reaction button”. They didn’t adopt practices that constantly threaten your privacy or security either. However, since its early days, Ello has transformed into a new shape that seems like a polished hybrid between DeviantArt and Pinterest.

It has become a social media platform for artists who are interested in fashion, art, web culture, photography, and films. Signing up is easy and quick. After you sign in for the first time, you’ll be asked a few questions to customize your feed. The platform is devoid of ads and doesn’t threaten your privacy. It also allows you to collaborate with other artists or even hire them for a gig. You’ll discover a ton of interesting and unique art from all across the world on this platform.

2. MeWe

Open MeWe’s homepage and you’ll see it’s marketed as something completely opposite of regular social media platforms, and it is. The social media platform treats its users as customers, not as data packets. Instead, MeWe makes money from its premium subscribers who pay for extra cloud storage, custom emojis, themes, live video calling, and other such features.

When you use MeWe, you won’t see any kind of sponsored content and will be able to completely control your newsfeed. The platform also has a texting app like Messenger. The platform is as fun as other social media platforms without your data being mined and sold to data brokers or other businesses for profit.

3. Minds

When you post something on Facebook or simply scroll down your newsfeed, you see a bunch of ads generated according to your data. Minds have a very different idea. On this social media platform, you can earn money by posting content or by simply using the website. Every time you post, spend time on the platform or interact with others’ posts, you get tokens. Those tokens can be used to boost your reach, upgrade your account, or exchange for Bitcoin or USD.

4. EyeEm

Think of EyeEm as Getty Images or iStock without the royalty and with a social networking element added on. As a photographer, you can get exposure by putting up your pictures and marketing your services. Users can use those pictures for free on their projects without paying any royalty. However, they can reach out to you when they need your skills.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you check out the above-mentioned social networking sites. Some may be very useful for your work while others may help you go away from conventional social networking sites and their endless ads and hundreds of trackers.