The best SEO agency for YOUR e-commerce site is not necessarily the one on the 1st page of Google on the query “SEO agency” or “SEO agency” or “ Best SEO agency in France ”.

Obviously, this type of demonstration is a proven proof of competence in natural referencing because the queries around the SEO theme are ultra-competitive. But that is not the criteria to be the ideal candidate to solve your traffic acquisition problem.

Because doing SEO to be visible on an ultra-specialized theme, with a content site under WordPress, is in no way comparable with the work that the SEO optimization of an e-commerce site under Magento or Prestashop requires, with 10,000 product sheets, translated into 4 languages.

What criteria should we rely on to hope to choose a natural referencing agency that will bring results with certainty?

SEO is above all a technical profession. Knowing how to analyze and understand the code of a site with an SEO vision is the DNA of the best experts in this field. It is not for nothing that “Black Hat SEO” are all developers.

The best agencies will therefore offer you to work with Project Managers or Consultants with a proven technical background. They must have in their ranks an “SEO Technical Director” whose mission in the company is:

In this kind of agency, techniques such as log analysis are not options. Log analysis is used to understand how Google crawls a site, and requires a high level of knowledge of how Google’s algorithm works to operate it properly. It is an almost mandatory analysis technique when we tackle the SEO optimizations of a site with a large volume of pages.

To learn more about log analysis, you can read this excellent article by Serge Esteves .

The SEO Project Manager does not manage many clients at the same time
How to assess the quality of the daily involvement that your interlocutor can provide in the files of his clients? It just takes time. Because without involvement, do not expect a miracle from your SEO agency.

How in these conditions, if it is constantly necessary to pass from one file to another, to be able to:

take the time to get to know each of the sites entrusted to it in order to define a personalized natural referencing strategy?

deliver technical, semantic and netlinking optimization recommendations other than standard SEO advice from SEO tools that all agencies have?
check that the requested work has been correctly carried out?

do monthly activity reports to their customers?

But above all, how can the know-how and experience of a SEO be expressed in this work configuration? Of course, doing SEO allows you to use tools to automate many tasks, but there are limits that should not be exceeded in order to be able to deliver real added value to your customers.

You will have understood where I am coming from. The best SEO agencies impose restrictions on themselves on this point, and do not seek to take all the customers who ring at their door without ensuring that they can deliver a quality service that will bring results.

We consider that quality monthly support cannot take place beyond 10 to 15 recurring customers on standard sites for only one project manager. If it is about complex sites, or on international SEO projects for example, an SEO consultant can be limited to 3-4 regular clients per year.