Home security isn’t something any homeowner should take lightly. How secure your home is, determines how comfortable you’ll be at home. Without proper home security, your belongings and family can be at risk against both external and internal threats.

With smart technology, home security becomes much easier. You can rely on these gadgets, and rest assured that they’ll constantly update you on the status of your home’s security. While it is important to secure every area in your home, some may be more vulnerable than others.

Front door security is an objective priority when it comes to home security. This is due to the fact that most of your interactions with outsiders take place through the front door, which means you must keep track of all activity there. A homeowner should have completely authority over who enters or leaves their home for maximum security, and a smart keypad is the perfect gadget for this.

No More Keys

As long as there’s a portable, physical object authorizing people to enter your home, you can never truly feel safe. Anyone can have access whenever they please, and you’d have no way of finding out. Keys can be stolen, misplaced or given away. With the August Smart Keypad, your home can have a virtual key.

Having to function using physical keys can be a hassle for many different reasons. You need to remember to take them with you when you leave, or you may be locked out, whereas you always have your phone on you. Each member of the household must have their own key, or they will have to rely on someone inside to open the door for them. This can all be avoided using a Smart Keypad, since it requires no keys to grant access to visitors. All you need is a stable internet connection, and even in a new home, you can find a reliable moving internet service for quick updates.

Selective Access

When you have a visitor during a busy hour, it can sometimes be a hassle to go and see who is at the door and take action accordingly. The August Keypad allows you to provide selective access in advance to visitors, so that you won’t be bothered when they are actually at your front door. They can simply enter your door with the entry code you have provided, which can be disabled whenever you want.

This keypad will allow you to have complete authority over what who enters your home. You can even design one-time use passwords for visitors you approve of, and keep out unwanted visitors with ease. Using the August Smart Keypad, you can control your August Smart Lock without even having your phone. It provides secure, authorized access to housekeepers, friends, relatives or even a handyman you’re expecting. This allows interactions at your front door to become more seamless.


The August Smart Keypad works with all versions of the August Lock. It is wireless, so no complex, messy installations are required to set it up. One of the best features of this gadget is that it works with both iOS and Android, which means you won’t have to change any of your existing gadgets to make them compatible with this keypad.

Paired with the Lock, this gadget can be used through voice command, and is even compatible with smart speakers such as Google Assistant and Alexa. Due to its versatility, it is an excellent addition to any smart home.

Easy to Operate

A lot of smart gadgets are too complicated for some people to use. Whether you’re someone with limited experience with smart technology, an elderly person or someone who is disabled, you can easily operate this keypad-lock combo and answer the front door whenever you want. It is user-friendly due to its many helpful features, and August Home App allows you to control everything remotely.

Whether you’re in your bedroom, home office or doing the laundry, this app makes your front door accessible to you from anywhere at any time. Its easy operation ensures that every single person in the home, including you, will have a unique access code which no one else will be able to use.


With the August Smart Keypad, you can even schedule codes which you might need for a couple of days. If there is some work going on at home and the workers require access for a few days at a particular time, you can give them that access temporarily so that you don’t have to manually do it every single day. These codes can be disabled or changed whenever you want, and have to be renewed weekly for your convenience.

If you’re leaving home in a hurry, you don’t have to worry about accessing the app and then checking if the lock is secure. The one-touch feature can save you time by allowing you to keep your home safe in your absence with one simple touch as you’re about to leave.

Bringing It All Together

Having this gadget guard your home’s front door will undoubtedly result in greater peace of mind for the homeowner. By pairing this keypad with the August Smart Lock, you will be able to control how you interact with any and all outsiders. This is an excellent gadget to keep away intruders, since they won’t attempt a break-in for the fear of setting of an alarm, and can even help you avoid unwanted visitors.