It has been about 30 years since the public internet became a thing. Perhaps I am easily entertained, but this global network we all depend so much on still amazes me.  Today, I have been amazed yet again. What has me thinking so fondly of the internet as I write this article? A simple package delivery and an article I read about Blazing Hog 4G internet.

I have been terribly ill with some sort of bug for the better part of four days. Only today have I felt well enough to get up and move around. Meanwhile, my wife has been taking good care of me even though she is currently involved in ongoing training for her own job. Today I am home alone. She is off with her colleagues. Just a few minutes ago, a package was delivered by a big box retailer who shall remain nameless.

Without Ever Leaving Home

The package in question contains a birthday gift for our grandson. My wife ordered it on Monday, online of course. The entire transaction was done digitally. Furthermore, we got several updates about the order via email and text. Those updates were necessary because, as it turns out, the local store did not have the item in stock despite their website saying they did.

Long story short, my wife was able to arrange for free home delivery after several digital communications back and forth. The store came through. We got the item today without ever having to leave the house; without actually visiting the store. Better yet, we got it in just three days – despite the fact that we live in Central Florida and it was ultimately shipped from a store in Atlanta.

Everything in a Browser

In the old days, we probably could have arranged the same thing had we been willing to pester the company incessantly. But doing so would have required several phone calls and perhaps even a visit to the local store. Thanks to the internet though, everything was taken care of in a web browser.

We did not have to call a toll-free number and be put on hold. We did not need to run to the store and demand to see the manager. My wife simply clicked a few buttons and arranged everything. I was free to suffer silently in my sick bed while she took care of it. She might have spent a total of ten minutes on the whole affair – from start to finish.

I also have to say that she could have done everything with the store’s mobile app. However, both of us are in our fifties. We prefer a laptop and a browser to a cell phone and an app. Our kids are more likely to use apps. More power to them. We can all do what we need in a way we are comfortable with.

Living Without the Internet

I found myself wondering this week, on more than one occasion, what it must be like to still be without broadband in 2022. I know those consumers are out there, especially in rural areas. But it cannot be easy. The entire world runs on the internet. Not having access to a high-speed connection must be brutal.

That finally brings me around to Blazing Hog. They are a Texas company that provides 4G high speed internet to rural customers. With their service, people who don’t have access to wired broadband can still have the same amazing experiences I have. Maybe I am old fashioned and easily entertained. But I still find the internet quite amazing indeed.