One of the things that people should know is the process of filing a procurement order was one of the most tedious one. Therefore, due to this factor, the government has taken some steps or initiative regarding such a tough process and therefore it has introduced a site online for the people to work easily on the procurement also known as e-procurement. Some of the different types of e-procurement are e ordering, web-based ERP; e-sourcing, e tendering, e-reverse auctioning, and e-informing & Ores. So, under the e-informing the supplier can file or inform make an online application regarding the buyer of goods and services like against it or in case of any issues.

Online Portals for Help –

Through this process, the lender will be able to settle the disputes with the debtor and they play a pivotal role in managing the payments that are not in time. Now, instead of waiting for any particular authority to sign the paper and proceed further, it is better that through e-filing process the supplier files the paper or work on the online portal. In addition, through the online portal the supplier has also received instant reply from the authority concerned. Then, there is an EOI also which is known as expression of interest that is a part of qualification process to get a tender document. Besides that, a site that has been exclusively opened by the government to check the working of the public gaining by the government authorities and it is known as public tender site.

E- Procurement Methods –

Micro and small enterprises are one thing that has come into the purview of the developing countries government like that of India and the primary objective of such developing countries are to achieve overall e-procurement goal i.e. certain percentage of annual purchases on the total from the services and products produced by such enterprises i.e. micro and small business. Besides that, for local businesses with pubic tenders there has been a platform, which is initiated/made to collect the data of the awards by the NPO, PUO, and Govt. i.e. non-profit org, public org, and government sectors. They also offer tenders or proposals in which the documents can be accessed without any charge.  Apart from that, tenders in publishing the documents can be done where any correction or errors in the documents can be redressed or corrected. This is only possible in the e-procurement and it is not applicable in the procurement documentation method that is traditional.

Public Portal or e-Procurement Portal –

In the portal, there is no need for the public to provide any details for accessing or viewing the documents of tender. One of the best parts that you will know about the e-procurement portal is that it averts human will and interference at the maximum level. Regarding the audit trial and evidence information, they provide the users with ease of availability and accessibility. They also offer the service that reaches up to maximum users within the country without having any complex issues in the offer submission process. One of the primary objectives of the e-procurement sites is to make it simplified for people to access the portal and track the tenders through SMS or email.