Web accessibility is a fundamental right for every user online, even those with disabilities. Even governments across the world have made web accessibility a legal matter, and if your site is not accessible to users with disabilities, you will be liable to expensive lawsuits and fines.

As a business owner, it is your social, ethical, and digital responsibility to fix accessibility errors that might crop up on your site. Manual processes are time-consuming and expensive; however, an alternate affordable tool is available, especially if you have a WordPress site and wish to enhance its accessibility online to everyone.

The Accessibe WordPress Plugin is a convenient and affordable solution

If you are the WordPress site owner, you can install the accessibe wordpress plugin to ensure it is compliant 24/7. This tool has the power of artificial intelligence, and it helps you fix accessibility issues on your site. This tool scans your site after every 24 hours, and even if you upload fresh content, it will check the site and make it fully compliant in under 48 hours. This means you can focus on your core business affairs after you have installed the tool, knowing that it will take care of your accessibility needs properly. You effectively are able to ensure that your site is compliant 24/7 without worries.

With the tool, you are able to save valuable time and money. Users will be satisfied, and you will keep lawsuits at bay.

How does this tool work?

While users are able to see the interface for accessibility, the tool and its AI technology work in the background. It manages complex adjustments like a screen reader, keyboard navigation, optimization, etc.

The following are some crucial points that you should know about the learning technology of this innovative tool-

1. Contextual comprehension of AI-infused technology-While scanning your site, the AI technology of this tool learns from the site elements and context to know what they are and why they exist on your page. The AI technology is able to execute the above by matching behaviors and parts to millions of encounters in the past.

2. OCR AI and Image Recognition Technologies- The AI tool will scan images on the site and add the correct and descriptive alternative text to those images without the alt tags. This is achieved with OCR. This is important as it allows the screen readers to rely on them for users with visual impairments. They help them know what the image is all about.

3. Routine Scans- Daily scans and site analysis make the site fully compliant.

Remember that making your site compliant and keeping it fully compliant later are two different things. There are chances of accessibility issues when you upload new content on your site. In order to avert the above, installing the accessibe wordpress plugin is your complete solution to resolve accessibility issues instantly. You not only fix problems, but you can also protect your business from expensive lawsuits over time!