It’s a story heard thousands of times: A company creates an Instagram account in hopes of marketing their awesome product to the platform’s billion users .

Then after a month, the 10 company photos barely received a few likes and of course no sales or contacts generated.

This guide will help you unlock the keys to Instagram success with 20 techniques, strategies, and tips that will teach you how to achieve more Instagram success

1. Take high quality photos

It might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t. You don’t need a multi-thousand dollar DSLR to make a good Instagram post, but you should at least make sure your lighting is right and everything is on point. I would recommend at least a modern smartphone (like a newer iPhone or Samsung Galaxy) if you want to take great photos. Beautiful photos are naturally more aesthetic and therefore attractive.

2. Use the correct filter

While it might seem logical, being consistent in using your filters is one of the best ways to build your Instagram brand . Using the same set of filters (one or two max) for all of your photos helps you create and maintain a consistent visual identity on your Instagram account. This makes your photos instantly recognizable on your followers’ feeds, increasing recognition and allowing you to have more consistent likes. You can choose to: use Instagram filters, create your own filters or acquire those developed by applications like VSCO (downloadable on iOS and Google Play ).

3. How to get more likes on Instagram: 20 techniques, strategies and tips4. … or popular hashtags

While not very effective at reaching Instagram users near you, using the most popular hashtags can be helpful when looking to reach a large group of Instagram users . Using popular hashtags helps your photo to be seen by more people which is an easy way to build up a lot of followers on your photos. Remember, these aren’t about high-quality likes, but if you’re just looking for a way to increase your account’s credibility , this is a good way to go.

4. Add a location

Adding a location to your photos makes it easier for people in your area to see your photos. Tagging a general location will increase the chances that people will see it. People looking for photos near them will be likely to engage with them, which means you have a good chance of getting more likes on your photos .

5. Organize a simple contest …

Everyone loves gifts! One of the best ways to get more likes and followers on Instagram is through a simple raffle . Because the barriers to entry are low (it just takes a double boost), it’s easy to rack up a ton of likes on your photo . Create an attractive photo of your prize, and put a simple “comment on this photo to enter and win …”.

6. or a contest in “tag your friends” mode

The same method as the simple contest applies, but be sure to additionally ask participants to tag two of their friends (or any number) so that they can participate, this helps spread the post more. to increase the number of people who will see it and to reach more participants. This can easily translate into a larger number of followers.

7. Contact an influencer

Find an influencer within your industry to partner with. Have them take and post a photo of them with your product on their profile and yours. This allows your business to reach more people in your target market and increase your credibility. Followers of influencers take their decisions into account, which means the people they reach out to will be more likely to buy a product from your business. Take good care of your relationship with influencers: personalize your messages, ask them to organize a contest to win your products and pay them for having quality posts.

8. Partner with other brands

Much like partnering with an influencer, partnering with a brand that has a complementary product in your industry (not a competing product!) Can help you reach more people in your target market. Take it a step further by partnering with the other brand to run a contest, with a prize pack that contains your two products. It’s super engaging, and can help both of your brands share their followers and get more likes on your photos, which means more potential sales in the future. A win-win strategy.

9.  Identify influential accounts

Look for influential accounts within your industry and tag those accounts in your new posts (in the photo itself, not in the caption). This not only informs these accounts of your new photos, but also allows your photos to appear on their feeds in the “identified” section. It’s a convenient way to reach out to other people within your target market and eventually get you to appear on those influential accounts.

10.  Promote your posts with Instagram Ads and Facebook Business Manager

Instagram can be difficult for brands looking to grow their reach organically due to

the increasingly stringent algorithm . Taking advantage of the Instagram Ads platform to promote your posts helps you reach people who are not yet following you. Its powerful targeting options (identical to those of the Facebook Ads platform) allow you to precisely select who will see your ads. If your targeting is solid and your content is engaging, you can bet that you will gain more followers who are interested in your business.