All laptop owners face this question–is it worth spending too much money on laptop repair or I should buy a new one. That is an individual decision and generally depends on the user’s background, passion for quality of work, speed, productivity and efficiency.

One example of a situation is taking a dying laptop with an impaired motherboard, cracked screen, or blinking game console to a repair centre. The DIY laptop repair will be difficult on it and an external laptop repair service needs to be hired. And if you want to escape from all that fuss of deleting the personal folder, files and software before giving away your laptop for service, you can call a professional for Laptop repair at home , who will repair your laptop in front of you with all the safety.

Another question is how long a laptop repair service near me can help in pulling on with the ailing laptop. One must take the call to get something new.

There are many factors to consider before choosing a replacement or upgrade. But do not confuse upgrading with buying a new one that lacks desired properties and is not equal to the one you are using already.

Repairing an old device by replacing the costly motherboard will look like a loss when the option of getting the latest model with more storage and memory is in front of you.  

One yardstick of comparing the cost of laptop service in Delhi and purchasing a new one will be how much you earn if you sell it. There are online marketplaces like eBay to sell broken laptops and recover the cost gap of an upgrade.

Suppose a laptop repair costs Rs 6000 and shelling out a few hundred more could get a new one in EMI plus selling the old one it will look like a good deal.

When deciding to repair or replace, do not abandon rights to repairs and customer care rewards. If there is scope for a replacement from the company, have it. It can be a better option than laptop repair or accepting a refurbished version.

Refurbished laptops are not that bad. Sometimes a better deal can come than buying a new one with limited yet viable warranties from a good company.  

Warranty cushion

When buying a new one there will be warranty and purchase protection. But in laptop repair, a short warranty period will not be enough to take care of future problems. So any decision to repair or replace must have future repairs in mind.

The repair-time factor is important. One must try to know how long the device will remain at the laptop service man’s table creating a condition in which the owner stays tech-less for many days and weeks.

That can be agonising, if the primary laptop has been sent for repair. If there is no backup thing will go messy. For busy professionals it is better not get stuck in the never-ending repair cycle. They can shell out some extra money and get things up and running than waiting for the ageing laptop to resurrect.