A business website needs a domain name to get identified by the Internet users, who may visit it looking for a brand or product. Acquiring a unique website address is not easy, for there are several aspects such as the availability of a particular domain, price, etc., to consider. Sometimes, the price may be your concern that you will try to shop around to buy cheap domain. If you are running a startup and have just created a website, sourcing a low-cost domain is not easy. Of course, you can find innumerable domain name service providers promising the cheapest domain.

Before you venture into buying a domain, you need to learn the rudiments of a domain name. Being a word or phrase, a domain is an easy-to-remember website address, which anyone can use to visit a website. The short yet simple phrase is easy to type on the web browser’s URL space. Nevertheless, such words or phrases are not available to buy, for they would have been taken by someone. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you buy a cheap domain name.

1. Various factors that can have an influence on a domain price

One- or two-word domains like ‘petcare.com’, ‘homeloans.com’, etc., will be expensive as such generic words are famously used by people and they search them on their own. Furthermore, choosing a top-level domain like ‘.com’ or ‘.net’ may be priceyas most commercial organizations choose it to have global presence online. Nonetheless, there are several hosting service providers that have been supplying the cheapest domains of your choice.

You may even find prices of multi-word or misspelled words domains high unlike those in the past. Adding a prefix may help you get a domain suitable for your business. There are new domains in country-code or generic top-level domains, which may be cheap. Some examples include ‘.com.uk’, ‘.net.uk’, ‘.org.uk’, ‘.eu’, etc.

2. Choose an authorized domain name registrar

A domain name registrar with ICANN accredited will offer you a complete customer support. They can help you get a domain of your choice at the most affordable price, and also help with a backorder domain service. Being with a valid and established registrar, you get the domain backorder service at a low price. It includes domain tracking and monitoring and registration for one year.

3. Check for domain transfer benefits

With an accredited registrar, you can have free domain transfer, which can help you save some money. Other than this, they also offer you 24-hour customer support, enhanced protection against DDoS attacks, improved website speed with Anycast global network, etc.

4. Look for auto-renewal

You have to ensure that domain name registration with a reliable registrar offers renewal protection through domain renewal notifications and auto-renewals. In a way, it will save your domain.

5. Go cheap by registering a domain for minimum two years

If you can buy a domain for at least two years, it will help you save some money. Some registrars offer you a discount for registering a name for more than one year. The other advantage of having a domain for higher number of years is you don’t have to renew it every year.

The above points are good enough to consider while looking for a cheap domain for your startup business website.