Project Zomboid is the ultimate in zombie survival. Alone or in MP: you loot, build, craft, fight, farm and fish in a struggle to survive. Project Zomboid is a permadeath sandbox RPG with lots of zombies. If you’re tired of the same old zombie survival games, Project Zomboid might be for you. This is one of the only zombie games that truly forces players to survive with an emphasis on crafting and looting. Players can play solo or in multiplayer and there are no breaks in gameplay; it’s up to users how long they want to go without food, water, sleep or shelter.

Significance of Project Zomboid:

Project Zomboid Server Hosting is one of the most advanced, in-depth and well-made zombie games ever to be created. It’s a solid, full game experience and it’s completely free. The developers, The Indie Stone, have made this game completely out of passion and it shows in the amount of detail and effort that has gone into the game. You won’t find much of this sort of quality from any other zombie survival games; these guys have really come up with something special.

Project Zomboid for free for Microsoft Windows at www.projectzomboid.com .  Since then it has been updated many times and continues to get better with every update.


  • Huge, open, zombie-infested, fully explorable city and surrounding countryside
  • Realistic Day/Night Cycle
  • First Person Survival Crafting (FPSC)
  • Base Building & Customization of Structures
  • Player Driven Economy with Trading System
  • Animal Husbandry and Farming including Fishing in the Dead Dave River.

17 Different Weapon Types Including Melee Weapons such as scrap metal shovels. Bows can be used for hunting animals. Guns can be used to protect yourself from zombies or kill other players.

  • RPG Elements like Loot, Crafting and Permadeath
  • Multiplayer for up to 4 Players Online
  • Wide variety of weapons and melee weapons
  • Radio Mod to better the player experience.
  • Built in Replay system (included with game) to view and share your zombie survival games
  • Customizable Graphics including Menus, Loading Screens and UI.

Project Zomboid is for anyone who enjoys games like DayZ or Minecraft.  It’s also a great game for experienced players who enjoy action/RPGs.

Tips for Project Zomboid:

  • You start the game with a knife and a ton of other items in your backpack.  You will have the option to add more items to your backpack and you can also pick up items that players have dropped.  However, you should keep in mind that you will most likely die before you can scavenge even one item from another player’s inventory.  The game is balanced very well so you’re not penalized for dying early on; it’s good to keep this in mind when making your character.
  • When starting new games try to avoid starting in areas where there is a lot of zombies: it’s too easy to die early on and lose all your gear and belongings if the area is not safe.  Try to find smaller towns and surrounding areas that are safer to start in; you can then take the time to get used to the controls and gameplay before heading into towns with a bunch of zombies.
  • You can die from a single zombie.  Project Zomboid is not like other zombie survival games where you kill one zombie and it’s considered a victory: in Project Zomboid, if you’re caught off guard and one or two zombies attack you, you might as well just give up because they can kill you quickly.  The game is extremely unforgiving when it comes to being attacked by zombies, so be very aware at all times of your surroundings: if one gets close, run.
  • Project Zomboid is greatly based on crafting, so don’t worry about trying to collect hundreds of items at the start.  You’ll need to determine what items you will use, keep and drop as you play through the game.  Don’t try to carry too much with you and don’t waste time carrying around a bunch of unimportant items; it might be better to drop some things and run.
  • Try to collect a shelter and sleeping bag as soon as possible so that you can return home without dying.  The game is meant to be played in phases, where you scavenge for food/supplies then return back home without dying.


Overall, I really enjoyed this game. It’s one of the only zombie games out there that makes you think about what you’re doing, listen to your surroundings and be aware of your environment.  It’s also great for horror fans who enjoy FPS games with a lot of zombie killing and looting.  This game has a lot going for it and is truly worth checking out if you’re bored with the same old survival games.