IT is one of the most rapidly growing fields of work today, and therefore has an abundance of promising opportunities for even people without a degree. People wanting to make a career in IT can always seek the assistance of companies like Revature to acquire the needed training to get their foot in the door, even if they don’t have a degree. A person not having a degree can surely build a successful career in IT, provided that they try to build their expertise through self-learning, online programs and training courses, internships, boot camps, and so on,

Revature provides valuable tips on making a career in IT even without a degree

A lot of people have this misconception that IT jobs are only reserved for math geniuses who have degrees from top universities. But this is quite far from the truth. In reality, advanced math is not even needed in a lot of IT roles. People would just need to have a growth mindset and the wiliness to learn new things to establish their career in this field.

One of the most straightforward ways to make a career in IT without a degree is to start one’s own business. This option is particularly perfect for people who are good self learners, and are motivated enough to want to be their own boss. If a person has an innovative idea for an IT based service or product, opting to start their own business can be a good way to make their presence felt in this flourishing industry. Starting a business is definitely not a bed of roses. One must be able to sell their service or product, and have a proper marketing strategy. They will also need to have the capacity to manage their finances and handle all the administrative activities linked to running a business. Achieving the goal of having an IT business is surely possible if one puts in enough hard work and effort.

Another good way to make a career in IT without a degree is to check out apprenticeships and internships. Such programs are commonly shorter than traditional degree programs. However, they do provide people with the chance to learn about the IT domain, while simultaneously getting real-world experience. Moreover, there are many internships that lead to full time jobs after their completion. As a result, any young professional wanting to get their foot in the door of the IT industry, should definitely consider applying for internships. Networking with people already working in the IT field can also be helpful in getting a job in this field.

Job seekers without a degree can even vault themselves ahead of the competition by gaining practical experience and training through programs offered by companies like Revature. Candidates can even get valuable certifications through this technology talent development company. No matter whether one has a degree or not, getting a certification from an industry authoritative body or a software provider can be quite helpful in launching a career in tech. These certifications provide independent proof that the candidate has obtained the required training needed for a certain job role.