Programming languages are the base for web development. Without knowing the basics of these languages, it becomes difficult to remain in the web development industry. Businesses can keep themselves updated to hire expert developers. And software developers can upskill themselves in the latest technologies.

Also, web development has two aspects, frontend and backend development. The backend includes server-side programming. It includes how the website communicates with the server, transfers information packets. And front-end development includes designing the user interface. Frontend development needs to be attractive enough for clients to understand and interact with the website.

Here is the list of the top 10 programming languages to become a web developer:

 # Java

Java is the king of programming languages. It is a compiled language that is best suited for backend development.

Furthermore, you can execute its commands both in Java Virtual Machine and browser. You can install JVM on different platforms. So, it works cross-platform that gives you the freedom to implement wherever required.

Java is scalable to other websites as well. It helps businesses to store their permanent data and manage their temporary commercial transactions. Also, you can access Webomaze web development services to get a flexible website as per your requirements.

# Javascript

Javascript is a robust programming language that helps you create big projects without any hustle. You can develop large-scale web applications with Javascript quickly. What is so special about Javascript? Interactivity! It is used for front-end development. You can provide a fantastic user experience to the clients. Let it be data entry, animation on the website, interactive buttons for better response, or dynamic styling.

# Python

Python is the most popular programming because of its ease to learn and implementation. Do you what are the punchcards of Python? It is high readability and has a wide variety of available frameworks.

Let’s suppose a developer has written a code. And he is not available due to “XYZ” reason. As it is easy to understand, a new team can work on that code without much effort. And it frameworks are Django, web2py, flask, bottle, grok, etc.


PHP is an open-source web programming language that is available for free. It is the server-side scripting language. Since its inception in the market, it has become widely popular due to inputs coming from several segments of the programming industry. Indeed, its relevance hasn’t decreased for so many years. It is due to updations that keep on happening in the PHP community.# Ruby

Ruby is a powerful web programming language. It is highly expressive and readable code. The best part of Ruby is that it runs free of cost on Linux. With Linux, you can maintain the security, reliability, and credibility of web applications. It is popular with the name Ruby on the Rails. Its architecture is impressive, which allows the browser and user to interact smoothly.

# TypeScript

The origin of Typescript language lies in Microsoft and Google support. Typescript is the superset of Javascript. Developers find it easy to use due to:

  • It has a rich coding environment that makes it easy to catch any errors.
  • Give developers the option to choose static typing and classes.

# Swift

Swift is a dynamic programming language in which you need not worry about memory management. It is an open-source language. And you can take the help of the community to get rid of any obstacles. Speed is a remarkable feature of Swift. Indeed, it is the best language for the backend. It helps you do scripting, development, compilation, and test it rapidly. Additionally, it is easy to learn as well.

# Golang

Are you looking for a scalable web application programming language? Golang is the best answer! It is relatively new in web development. But it has left a deep imprint in the minds of web developers by supporting Google, Netflix, and YouTube.

# Elm

Elm is best suited for the developers you want to deliver excellent front-end projects. It is a functional programming language that is a much-simplified version of Javascript. The exciting part is that you can type it statically to avoid any run-time errors.

# Scala

Are you interested in an object-oriented coding environment along with server-side programming? If you’re handling complex projects, Scala could be your best partner. It detects real-time bugs and errors. Furthermore, it has many libraries to make your web program highly efficient. 


In the end, programming languages are the rock and mortar for establishing a strong foundation for a website. Having a solid grip on these languages makes you stand out from web development courses.

Indeed, businesses can use the above knowledge to develop client-side websites. Or get their website designed by hiring a qualified in-house team. So, which one of the programming languages did you find the most helpful for your company?