If you are a beginner, this article is exclusively for you.


You must have been looking at a few web hosting companies and services, and wonder which one to select. It is not something new. Every beginner does the homework of finding the best web hosting provider and best hosting type.

We, too, have covered some important points. By the end, you will understand why shared hosting is for beginners and how does it work?

There are many types of hosting, but a shared server is the most commonly used service. There are also few factors to it that why shared hosting is most common. I will guide you throughout the article so you can find it easier to understand.

What Is Shared Hosting?

A hosting server holds your web content and makes it live for users online. When you opt for a shared server, you share the server with many other website owners.

The reason why we need a hosting service is that it makes the website accessible to visitors. Then, you select one of the types of hosting and publish your website online.

Shared hosting is one of the types of hosting service. It lets you rent on a monthly/yearly basis and works best for beginners, small and medium-sized businesses.

New websites/blogs do not have many requirements. The resources allotted to your website in shared hosting are sufficient and helps you create a presence online. So, you don’t need a better server than a shared server in the initial stage.

You can save a good amount here as shared hosting is available for low prices. Low costing is also one of the reasons why shared hosting is most used. It fits the budget of startups, small and medium businesses, online stores and blogs.

Even if you have a portfolio website, shared hosting is still suitable. You will have your requirements fulfilled.

As many other websites share the server with your website, the actual cost of the shared server gets divided. It makes it accessible and affordable for all.

Plus, MilesWeb is the web hosting provider that offers quality shared hosting services for lower prices than other providers.

You will find several cheap web hosting providers, but MilesWeb is leading among all.

One can get their website hosted on MilesWeb shared hosting for as low as Rs. 40/m after an 80% discount (terms and conditions apply).

Do You Need Technical Skills to Use a Shared Hosting Server?

Not really. You can rely on MilesWeb as they will take care of your server from time to time. They allow their users to reach out to them whenever needed. They will assist you via chat, email and tickets and help you with your problems.

That also means they will provide you with 24/7 human support.

How Can I Go Ahead with MilesWeb?

MilesWeb offers three shared hosting plans. Their plans are customized to meet one’s basic website hosting needs. You can select any one shared hosting plan by checking your requirements of resources. MilesWeb also provides best web hosting UAE.

If you have an online store or a blog, you can start with a minimal plan. If you are a developer, you can start with a better plan that will give you better or unlimited hosting resources.

Analyze your needs and accordingly choose one.

  • Solo Plan costs Rs. 40/m after an 80% discount
  • Prime Plan costs Rs. 130/m after an 80% discount
  • Multi Plan costs Rs. 170/m after an 80% discount

However, users are required to purchase for 3years to get the offer. The regular monthly prices are Rs. 200/m, Rs. 650/m and Rs. 850/m respectively.

If you look at the discount, it is huge and can give you the utmost benefits. MilesWeb also offers a 30days money guarantee where they offer refunds if they don’t meet your expectations. So, you can give them a try and see if it works for you.

Here are some features you will get with MilesWeb

Free Domain – Offers one free .com domain to first time users for the first year. You need to buy a Prime or Multi hosting plan for at least 1/3 years to get the domain free. It is a good deal and can save you on regular domain prices for one year.

Free SSL Certificate – An SSL certificate makes it better for websites to present themselves as secured and safe. MilesWeb offers it at no additional cost. All information will be encrypted with ‘HTTPS’.

Website Builder – You can create websites using this free tool. Select from thousands of available templates and design as you want, using the drag and drop feature.

One-Click Installer – Download and install 400+ applications with just one click.

Control Panel – Easily manage and monitor all your web content/activities with a user-friendly control panel, provided with MilesWeb shared hosting service. They give you the power to perform the hosting quickly and reliably.

Summing Up –

Shared hosting is an affordable and budget-friendly hosting service. It gives you existence on the internet. You can definitely go for other types of web hosting services, but as a beginner, I would recommend a shared server.

You can use the resources as needed, and you will not have to pay the entire cost of the server as you will be sharing the server with other users.

It is easy to manage and monitor. Plus, MilesWeb provides 24/7 support to help you with any issue.