As you all know that today everyone works on their social media platform. And YouTube is also one of the popular social media, in which we get to see many benefits. YouTube is a video quality platform in which you get to watch all kinds of videos. And now to make it more interesting, YouTube has added a new feature YouTube shorts inside it. With which we can upload our YouTube videos by making them in a shorts way.

So let’s now talk about what are the advantages of YouTube. So now I will tell you what are the benefits we can get from YouTube. We have given you some benefits below:


Today’s new people like more social media platforms that are free, people like them more. Because of this people love YouTube, you can use YouTube anywhere and anytime. Without any problems and YouTube Premium is a subscription that is paid for. In which you get the benefit, ads will not come on any of your videos from YouTube. And you can play videos in the background also.


You can easily monetize your content and videos through YouTube. That’s why people like YouTube, for this you need to have a Google AdSense account. With which you can earn money from your YouTube videos or you can also earn money from your YouTube videos in other ways.

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YouTube is very easy to use on all social media platforms. And kids can also use YouTube easily. Whether computer or phone, you can easily watch YouTube videos.


YouTube is a popular social media platform. So you can easily access any of your information on YouTube in less time with the logo. You can also share information as entertainment.

Like other social media, you can easily grow your YouTube channel by engaging with your status story and community on YouTube. For example, you can conduct a poll and ask your audience to participate in a contest.


If you create backlinks on YouTube, then your SEO will also get to see the benefits. With which you will give a link to your YouTube channel in your website, then due to the link of YouTube channel, traffic will start coming from your website to your channel and your backlinks will also be generated.

Now you must have understood the benefits of YouTube, but in today’s time, YouTube has become a very big social media platform. In which the competition is fierce, it will not be easy for a new user to become popular and grow on YouTube, it will take years of hard work. Then for this, you have to move YouTube Views Buy India inside social media services in your YouTube channel, which will increase you quickly in less time.

Is Instagram better than YouTube?

As you all know that today’s new social media platforms are engaged in satisfying people in different ways. But there are some social media platforms that have made a different identity in the whole world today on the basis of their hard work. In which there are other social media like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, which are considered as the main social media platforms.

So let’s talk now about whether Instagram is better than YouTube. Then I want to tell you that both Instagram and YouTube are better social media platforms. Who knows how to satisfy their customers and users. But if you want to go further in the realm of long videos. Then YouTube will be a better social media platform for you. However, if you are interested in posting content then Instagram would be a better platform for you.


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